CGE Lighting Services is Michigan and the Midwest's premier energy management and lighting retrofit company. We specialize in energy-effective lighting upgrades for commercial and industrial businesses, reducing your overall operating expense and guaranteeing you energy savings of up to 50% or more on your monthly lighting electrical costs. Our professional team of lighting consultants and technicians will custom design an energy-effective lighting system to meet your specific needs.t12-phaseout

Does your facility still have any of these energy wasters?

    • T12 fluorescent lamps with magnetic or electronic ballasts
    • 1st generation 700 series T8s with generic electronic ballasts
    • Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Fixtures
    • Fluorescent or incandescent exit signs
    • Standard halogen MR16, PAR30 or PAR38 accent lighting
    • Typical incandescent light bulbs

CGE Lighting Services can help you save energy and improve the environment by replacing those old products.  These energy efficient equipment replacements can be very cost effective, especially when tax credits and utility rebates are included.


    • Increases safety and security in hazardous working areas
    • Minimizes maintenance costs and energy consumption
    • Maximizes lighting system performance
    • Reduces costly recycling charges
    • Ensures EPA compliance for disposal of lighting components
    • Enhances visual appearance
    • Improves light levels
    • Increases productivity
    • Improves profitability
    • Eases eye fatigue