DTE Launches 2012 Incentive Program

Detroit Edison just released their new rebate application for the 2012 Your Energy Savings incentive program. The program provides rebates to commercial utility customers that complete energy efficiency upgrades this year.

The three year program that launched in 2009 is entering it's last year and this may be the last opportunity for customers to take advantage of the program unless the utility decides to extend it.

The program has been very successful. In the first year (2010) the program saved customers an estimated 31 million dollars. Lifetime savings over the life of the upgrades are expected to save a whopping 520 million.

If you want to take advantage of the program better act fast. Each year the program has become fully subscribed by late summer. Once the incentives are reserved customers go on a wait list with no guarantee of receiving incentives for their projects.

For the past few years CGE Lighting Services has been leading the way in incentive applications for our customers. We know the process and make it easy. Give us a call to take advantage of the program and other incentives for your project.

View the incentives available for lighting upgrades here.