Energy Saving Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits

Energy Wasting Fixtures to Consider Upgrading

• T12 Fluorescent Lamps

• Metal Halide HID

• High Pressure Sodium Fixtures

• Incadescent Light Bulbs

• Halogen Lighting Fixtures

CGE Lighting Services is Michigan’s premier lighting upgrade and lighting retrofit company. We specialize in energy efficient lighting upgrades for both the interior and exterior of commercial businesses, reducing your overall operating expense and guaranteeing you energy savings of 50% or more on your monthly lighting electrical costs.

Lighting upgrades and retrofits provide a win-win proposition for both the customer and the environment. An upgraded lighting system provides huge energy savings, improve lighting quality, and reduce you environmental impact through reducing energy usage.

Your employees and customers will benefit greatly from improved general and task lighting, true-to-life color rendering, and uniform light coverage. All go to increase productivity and profitability.

Indoor/Outdoor Lighting Upgrade Highlights:

  • LED System Upgrades: We are a Cree® LED Authorized Upgrade Partner, and can upgrade your lighting system with their industry-leading LED fixtures. Learn more about LED lighting systems as an upgrade option here.
  • T5 Florescent Upgrades: T5 fixtures are a cost effective way to reduce energy use. Experience a great looking facility with a quick ROI. T5 is also a beautiful, white light to mimic daylight.

What sets us apart from other companies?

We do not simply swap out your light fixtures. We professionally engineer a photometric layout specifically for your facility. This achieves the most efficient and best-lit facility possible. We stand behind every lighting project we do.

We guarantee our energy savings!

CGE has great internal financing options available. Many of our customers realize their monthly energy savings to be much greater than the monthly payment. They are cash-flow positive from day one.

Great utility rebates and tax credits are available to increase your saving even more!

We offer superior lighting products, at competitive prices. Before doing a lighting upgrade to your facility, call us first! We will not be undersold. 

R.A.M.P. Pro Lighting Maintenance customers receive a discount off their lighting upgrades. Find out more here.