burning-daylight-lighting-controlFor less than the labor cost of setting and maintaining your parking lot timers, consider installing a Wireless Time Clock. You will never have to set your time clock again. Just set it and forget it!

Our Lighting Control and Monitoring System automatically adjusts on and off times daily as sunrise and sunset changes AND automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time.

Customers often see increased energy efficiency by 20% or more and save money, all while reliably controlling the on and off times of your lighting.

  • No up-front costs*

  • No long-term commitments

  • Control your lights from your computer, phone, or mobile device
  • Nails sunrise and sunset with GPS accuracy FOREVER SAVES YOU MONEY
  • Alerts your staff to power outages during non-business hours
  • More accurate than timers and photocells
  • Each Time Clock has two separate circuits for additional lighting control options
lighting-controller-vs-photocell lighting-controller-vs-timer
Lighting Controller vs. Photocells Lighting Controller vs. Timers

lighting-controller-unit-smOur Lighting Control and Monitoring System is the most cost-effective and energy saving alternative to timers and photocells. Replacing and advancing beyond outdated and unreliable timers and photocells.

The System is a web-enabled, wireless controller that provides YOU with direct control of your outdoor lighting.

*No up-front cost for a limited time only. Standard installation using existing lighting contactor.