briarwood-thumbBriarwood Ford in Saline, Michigan recently contracted CGE Lighting Services to upgrade their auto dealership lot lighting. CGE replace Briarwood's existing metal halide fixture with industry-leading Cree® LEDs. The fixtures carry an unmatched 10 year warrany and is also covered by CGE's R.A.M.P. Lighting Maintenance program. Pictures speak louder than words. View this before and after video to experience the LED difference. Please note these are the identical camera settings before and after, synced to what the human eye sees. There has been no adjustments made.


Some additional facts about the project:
• Briarwood Ford experienced an energy reduction of 66%.
• Briarwood Ford will save $585,617.37 over the next 10 years. ($4.880 monthly savings)
• The number of fixtures used dropped from 130 to only 74.
• With Cree® LEDs, light is focuses on the cars and not wasted in the street or sky.

Watch the Briarwood Ford Before and After HERE. (Streaming via Youtube)

OR, watch from our server HERE.

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