Property Development Company Reduces Energy and Maintenance Costs

MHT Housing is one of the largest non-profit housing companies in the state of Michigan with over 5,800 units within the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

MHT was looking for ways to save energy and reduce lighting maintenance costs in their multi-family properties. These included high rise facilities and apartment complexes. Each property was unique and presented different challenges to achieve MHT's goals.

CGE was asked to reviewed 19 MHT Housing properties representing over 2.5 million square feet with a primary focus on exterior lighting and common areas of each facility.

Interior lighting systems were mainly fluorescent lighting using outdated and inefficient T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts. There were also numerous  types of incandescent lamps in use in all of the facilities. Exterior area and site lighting is primarily HID fixtures with many pole fixtures. Some of  the facilities had single entry for the residents with incandescent porch lights.

CGE's R.A.M.P. Solution

CGE performed a detailed analysis of the existing of the lighting systems and developed a plan to meet MHT's goals.

Outdated and inefficient T12 fluorescent fixtures were retrofitted with high efficiency T8 fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts. Incandescent lamps were replaced with compact fluorescent lamps. GCE implemented our R.A.M.P. lighting maintenance program to cover all of the common area and exterior lighting at the facilities.

Scheduled relamping, regular site visits and on call service keep the lights on and operating efficiently for one low monthly payment with no surprise charges.

Energy Savings Results

By completing this professionally engineered lighting project, MHT Housing was able to cut the energy used by lighting by more than 50%. As a result  t they realized a savings on their utility cost of over $84,000.00 annually.

Maintenance Program Results

CGE tracked our results over 5 years. During this time we performed a full relamp of all of the fixtures and visited the facilities 537 times to make  repairs plus over 200 general inspection calls. All of these services were included in the customer's low monthly R.A.M.P. payment with no extra charges.

With R.A.M.P. MHT Housing saved 32% on it's lighting energy and maintenance costs.

View the printable MHT Housing case study.