Canton Financial Institution Reduces Lighting Maintenance Costs

The DFCU Financial facility in Canton, MI was looking for ways to simplify their lighting maintenance and reduce costs.

The interior lighting system consists of various types of architectural design fixtures that use specialty lamps. Many of these use specialty lamps that are expensive and at times difficult to find. Often it was necessary to use alternate suppliers of lamps from multiple manufacturers. Maintaining a consistent inventory of lamps was becoming increasingly difficult.

Exterior lighting is primarily HID area and pole lighting ranging from 70 to 175 Watts. Lighting is left on from dusk to dawn for security resulting in frequent lamp failures due to extended on time of the fixtures. Exterior fixtures require a bucket truck to make repairs.

CGE maintains all lighting at this facility including the interior and exterior fixtures at this facility.

CGE's R.A.M.P. Solution

CGE used it's buying power to built an inventory of all lamps, ballasts and miscellaneous components required to maintain DFCU's lighting system and stocks them at our warehouse. By doing this we locked in the price and insured availability and consistency of the products.

We performed a full relamp of their system to establish a baseline which would allow us to predict lamp failures based on lamp life. Regular visits were scheduled to inspect the system and repair any issues found. On call service addresses problems between scheduled visits, even with only one light out.


CGE tracked our results over 4 years. During this time we performed a full relamp of all interior and exterior fixtures and visited the facility 47 times to make repairs. All of these services were included in the customer's low monthly R.A.M.P. payment with no extra charges.

The fair market value of these services would have exceeded $18,000 if the customer was not covered by CGE's R.A.M.P. Program. With R.A.M.P. the customer pays a low monthly payment that is significantly less than calling for repairs as problems arise.

With R.A.M.P. DFCU Financial saved 23% on it's lighting maintenance costs.

View the printable DFCU Financial Canton case study.